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From: Andrew Leary (1:320/119)
To: All
Date: Thu, 10.01.13 17:14
Switchover to 3.3.0
Hello Michiel!

MvdV> I am all for lifting the ASCII only limitation for the nodelist. Seo
MvdV> Andrew how about an option:

MvdV> AllowNonAscii 0|1 ??

I will look into this.

BF>> If you had rather used my Y2K patched version (where the
BF>> outdated 26 character limitation was one of corrections I made),
BF>> available for more than 12 years now, 2:203/6 would read
BF>> correctly.

MvdV> Correctly in what character encoding scheme?

MvdV> Because here is where I see an issue. If 7 bit only was forced on us
MvdV> by what now is a majority, we do not want to do the same unto others
MvdV> do we? I strongly suspect that you used an 8 bit character set for
MvdV> your Umlaut experiment. Like CP850 or Latin-1. That is fine for us
MvdV> Western Europeans who need umlauts and accnets. But not so fine for
MvdV> what is now the majority: those who use a cyrillic character set for
MvdV> their native languages. It is them that are the majority now. They
MvdV> need CP866 or KOI8R...

MvdV> Surely we do not want to force CP850 or Latin-1 one onto them do we?

MvdV> Unfortunately I see no practical way to swicth charactere encoding on
MvdV> the fly in the nodelist. Also unfortunately there is no 8 bit
MvdV> character set that covers both umlauts, accents AND cyrillic.

MvdV> So... /if/ we allow non ASCII in the nodleist, it will have to be
MvdV> encoded as UTF-8.

This is probably the only solution to the problem. I'm not sure of the effect
on MakeNL (or any other FTN software for that matter) of UTF-8 characters in
the nodelist segments; it will require thorough testing before going live with
a UTF-8 enabled nodelist.


* Origin: Bits & Bytes BBS * V.Everything! * 860/535-4284 (1:320/119)


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