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From: Rj Clay (1:120/419)
To: All
Date: Tue, 08.01.13 10:56
MakeNL GIT Repository

15 Dec 12 13:09, you wrote to me:

RC>> I've already had a local mirror I've been using but I want to
RC>> redo it before making it public.

One of the big problems I'm seeing is resulting from those substitution
keywords; it can make the changesets really noisy...

WV> Wouldn't it be hard to keep them in sync?

In part that depends on if a one way import/migration is being done with it
or if changes are supposed to be going in both directions; it's much easier
to maintain a two way sync between SVN & GIT than it is between CVS and GIT.
(I prefer just doing a one way migration for CVS repositories and then just
use the GIT repository as the primary and leave the CVS for historical
reasons, but that requires that all of the developers can and will use GIT
and that isn't necessarily the case here...Wink


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