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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
To: All
Date: Mon, 07.01.13 11:36
Switchover to 3.3.0
Joe Delahaye wrote to Ward Dossche:

JD> Re: Re: Switchover to 3.3.0

>> As for the correctness of one's name ... for the better part of the
>> past month my name from my birth certificate was in the nodelist ...
>> no-one seems to have noticed it, it generated not a single
>> comment/message/spark.
>> So ... ??

JD> Nobody cares???

That sums it up. I noticed, smiled knowingly and went on my way...

JD> I t hink the only thing they care about is that the IP or the
JD> nodenumbers are correct

I was on my way down the line to Z4...


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