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From: Kurt Weiske (1:218/700)
To: All
Date: Fri, 15.01.21 08:21
Trying out desktops
I've been playing with Mint and ElementaryOS for my desktop, a slightly
older Thinkpad laptop (T410 with integrated graphics and an i7 CPU)

Elementary is intruiging - it's a beautiful UI, clean, with a transparent
status bar at the top and a dock by default on the bottom. their *own* apps,
without any branding, and different, slightly unintuitive window controls
coming from Windows.

I'm going to play with it for a while, not sure if I like the seamlessness
of Elementary or the more traditional hierarchical start menu in Mint. Iget
the feeling that I'll like Elementary and stick with it once I get used to
the changes.

... Only one element of each kind
--- MultiMail/DOS v0.52
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