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From: Lee Lofaso (2:221/360)
To: All
Date: Mon, 11.01.21 08:02
My nation, America,
Hello Aaron,

>GS>How can it be "not fair" if everybody gets the chance to vote? The greek
>GS>word demokratia means ruling of the people and that's everyone.

>It's fair but it's not fair. The 2 pandemics, covid-19 and TDS, worked
>together to ensure Biden's victory.

"Life is not fair." ~JFK

More people voted for Biden than Trump. Millions more. It was not
the pandemic that did Trump in. It was Donald Trump himself.

>If we're going to repair a broken Democracy, why start now? Where was "vote
> from home" during the 2012 election?

I'm all in favor for voting over the internet.
Or voting with your iphone or other device.
Or whatever other choice one wishes to vote.

Look at it this way -

Government provides, business denies. That is why pro-democracy means
more choices and opportunites rather than less.


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