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From: Lee Lofaso (2:221/360)
To: All
Date: Mon, 11.01.21 08:02
My nation, America, took over Congress.
Hello Aaron,

>pl>We can do better.
>For sure!
>Voting in person really does suck sometimes. It's hardly worth all the
>trouble, especially if you're a registered Republican in a Democrat town.
> "They don't take kindly."
>Here's my idea: Allow electronic voting - but make the voter punch in their
>social security # or their driver's license # (or both) to verify identity
> and registration status. That way people don't have to get hassled at the
> polling places, at least not by humans who know your political party
> affiliation.

I have a better idea. Have automatic voter registration.
The moment an individual turns 18, he or she is automatically
registered to vote. That makes it super-simple for everybody.

No need for anybody to go through hoops of trouble. Just turn
18 and your done. How hard can that be?


Why not enjoy the go?

--- MesNews/
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