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From: Kai Richter (2:240/77)
To: All
Date: Sat, 09.01.21 15:34
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Hello bebyx!

09 Jan 21, bebyx wrote to Kai Richter:

KR>> Said the one without knowledge of Fidonets common practice to use
KR>> realnames. (Or at least something that looks like a real
KR>> name.Wink

b> I know this tradition, but who cares.

Well, Tony Langdorn does since 2016 (Funny, the next mail after yours is from
him). I'm new to this echoarea and so i can review until 2014 only. There are
five writers without realnames with each less than a dozen mails. Compared to
all remaining 2900 mails i'd like to say we all do care.

b> I'm here for communication, not for dead traditions.

Lol! That was a good one. Well, i'm sure all oldscool insiders are smiling now,
or more. I need to explain. You did not communicate why Alexey was wrong. The
only thing you did was bashing in good ol' fight'o'net tradition.

Don't get me wrong - i'm happy that that old fidonet fighting tradition is
dead. It's up to you how you would like to display yourself in the public (and
i'm talking about the content of your mail now, not the missing realname).

I don't know Alexey and maybe you are right. But good communication is based on
arguments. And tradition is the only thing that keeps fidonet alive.

Many nodes are running because their setup is done and the system is still
powered. Our latest loss of a node system was because of a fire in the street;
resulting into a long time power fail and a PC power supply unit that rejected
to start again. It's an un-common PSU and an IBM OS that is difficult to
transfer to latest hardware. The system is down for two month now and i don't
think it will come back.

There is no reason but tradition to keep outdated protocols up and running. If
you are searching for communication you should go forward to latest technology.

b> And if you want to know my real name, you can simply visit my
b> gopherspace.

No, i don't get trolled that easily. It's still your boss who is responsible
for you and failed to perform a good fidonet introduction or granted you access
without realname. That's why i don't have a problem with you even if i don't
like the missing realname or bashing without arguments. There is a chance that
you could do better, you already did with your help with dosbox.



--- GoldED+/LNX
* Origin: Monobox (2:240/77)


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