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From: Kai Richter (2:240/77)
To: All
Date: Thu, 07.01.21 07:33
*nix Licenses
Hello paul!

06 Jan 21, paul lee wrote to Richard Falken:

pl> Thanks... some of the responses here were just attacks, or I didn't
pl> understand their replies.

The last one it is. You need someone explaining what kind of question you're
asking for.

pl> with a raspberry pi and some open-source software (rpi-fruibox)

This is a completly different question than before.

pl> I just wonder about using the underlying Linux OS. Am I allowed?

pl> I guess I need to pass the license to my lawyer, which sucks
pl> because... $100 for an hour.

Cheap, compared to the law suit due to licence violation.

You should check the FreeBSD licence first. But i still recommend to seperate
the rpi OS and put it into the hands of your customers.



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