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From: Richard Menedetter (2:310/31)
To: All
Date: Mon, 04.01.21 14:11
Hi Aaron!

03 Jan 2021 17:58, from Aaron Thomas -> bebyx:

AT> I run my BBS on a VPS that only allows me to choose between Ubuntu (a
AT> few versions) and CentOS (which is not something I want to try out.Wink

I use netcup, and I am quit happy with them.

I am paying 8.4 EUR == 10.5 USD per month for 2 AMD Epyc cores with 8 GB RAM
and 160 GB SSD, 1 IPv4 and a /64 IPv6 with a 2.5 GBit/s ethernet card and
unlimited traffic.
For 14 EUR you can double the number of cores, RAM and SSD.

Here is the list of default images:

Archlinux / Minimal, ...
CentOS 7 / Minimal, Plesk, webuzo, ...
CentOS 8 / Minimal, ...
Debian (10) Buster / Jitsi, Minimal, Plesk, ...
Debian (9) Stretch / Minimal, OpenVPN Access Server, Plesk, PowerDNS
Master, PowerDNS Slave, ...
Fedora 32 / Minimal, ...
FreeBSD 11 / Minimal, ...
FreeBSD 12 / Minimal, ...
OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 / Minimal, ...
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS / Cloudron, Docker, Minimal, Nextcloud, OpenVPN Access
Server, Seafile, ...
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS / Minimal, ...

If you want something else, you can upload an ISO and it will boot that ISO.

Works really well!

CU, Ricsi

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