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From: August Abolins (1:396/45.29)
To: All
Date: Sun, 17.01.21 20:12
more covid-related restrictions
Hello Shawn!

** On Friday 15.01.21 - 09:04, Shawn Highfield wrote to August Abolins:

AA>> If ..non-essential, then the government's expectations for
AA>> my collecting their precious sales taxes and my performing
AA>> any other reporting to the government should follow as
AA>> ALSO non-essential! I'm d*mn serious.

SH> I agree with you here. I haven't filed my GST paperwork
SH> yet for 2020. I just stopped.

You're not alone.

In the past, I'd get a call from Rev Can to remind me that my
GST filing is late. I haven't heard from them since last
March. It could certainly benefit me to take advantage of the
tax credits (on paper the net result is avoiding to send in
unnecessary taxes) ..but frankly, the net result is menial to
them. In one quarterly period my sales might be good, but then
it is offset by the GST that I paid out wrt to those sales. In
another quarterly period when the sales are low, there is a
credit difference that comes back to me. It's just a silly
make-work project for which I don't get any hourly compensation.

In your case, if your service is reasonably uniform throughout
the year, then it wouldn't be prudent to NOT to take of it to
minimize penalties, fees and even the interest charges that they
have the audacity to add on.

SH> I will do it with my income tax and draw on my line of
SH> credit to pay them. Fair? Nope. But I do it because I
SH> don't want to argue anymore.

I do pretty much the same thing. When I am short for a
particular quarterly period, I just borrow some money for the
short term until the next quarterly period gives me a credit.

SH> This country is corrupt and I accept it now. Soon as the
SH> tattoo shops reopen I'm covering my proud to be Canadian
SH> tattoo with black ink.

Sorry to hear that you feel that dark about all that. As someone
else mentioned, maybe you can try to assign a different
(positive) meaning about the tattoo.

BTW.. I thought tattoo technology has progressed to the point
where the inks can be practically removed.

AA>> I was just reminded that there are some new relief
AA>> programs specifically intended for businesses now since
AA>> the famous CERB.

SH> I bet you don't qualify. It's not setup for small
SH> business owners to make it, only for big box stores.
SH> (Sorry I'm negative)

There are at least two of them. An earlier one is federal and a
recent one is provincial - I've been told. Haven't looked into
the details, but participating in the bureaucracy of the
processes to test my qualification feels tedious to me.


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