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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Thu, 14.01.21 08:40
more covid-related restrictions
Hello Shawn!

** On Thursday 14.01.21 - 08:25, Shawn Highfield wrote to August Abolins:

AA>> Meanhile, it is far easier for people to physical-distance
AA>> from each other, wear the d*mn mask and slosh sanitizer at
AA>> my shop than it might be in a place that is frequented
AA>> more often by more people all the time.

SH> Exactly my point. Walmart should not be able to sell
SH> books if you can't. Walmart needs to section off most of
SH> it's iles to ONLY sell food and drugs.

I wonder how the three drug stores in my town, one of which that
in addition to an extensive magazine wall, also sells the
national "top sellers" in addition to a selection of children's
books, would feel if I had a prescription department.

Having a drug counter would classify me as essential in times
like this. ;)

It turns out that the recent rules for "stay home" that came
into force today, are not forcing all businesses to close in the
common sense afterall. Just as I assumed, businesses are merely
asked to discourage in-store shopping. So, in theory,
everything "non-essential" (barring food and medicine) should be
inaccessible to the public.

But technically, ALL businesses are allowed to sell their goods
(there is no law prescribed to preclude any business from
offering their merchandise)'s just that the businesses that
have been classified "essential" (the onew that primarily sell
food/drugs/booze/smokes/cannibis), can't allow in-store browsing
- period.

But I have to wonder.. is clothing non-essential? Underwear,
socks? Another wrinkle in the matter.

The whole "essential" "non-essential" terminology bothers me.

If for instance, my biz were to be implied to be non-essential,
then the government's expectations for my collecting their
precious sales taxes and my performing any other reporting to
the government should follow as ALSO non-essential! I'm d*mn

I was just reminded that there are some new relief programs
specifically intended for businesses now since the famous CERB.
I'll have to look and see what those can provide. But right now,
I feel like jumping off a cliff.

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From: Mike Powell (1:2320/105)
To: All
Date: Fri, 15.01.21 18:41
Re: more covid-related re
> I don't want to argue anymore. This country is corrupt and I accept
> it now. Soon as the tattoo shops reopen I'm covering my proud to
> be Canadian tattoo with black ink.

Well, you can still be proud of being from a country that is so beautiful,
even if the government there blows chunks. Smile


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