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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Wed, 13.01.21 08:38
more covid-related restrictions
Hello Shawn!

** On Wednesday 13.01.21 - 09:01, Shawn Highfield wrote to August Abolins:

AA>> businesses are expected to operate at vastly reduced capacity
AA>> for nothing, while big-box stores, parks, professional sports
AA>> activities operate as usual.

SH> I keep asking why does the virus not live in walmart but in lives
SH> in small business locations?

Turns, out that this time Mr. Ford expects the big-boxes to
reduce allowable people-capacity by 50%.

Last time, there was a formula businesses were expected to use
to calculate what the max capacity of people would be allowed
based on square footage less the space used for shelving.

I guess, this time the number is cut in half.

BUT, I haven't seen the official write-up of this latest set of
restrictions. I don't really want to look anyway.

So.. although they spout "all non-essential businesses..
closed", they still say "but employess must work from home - if
they can", or "operate curbside and by appointment only, but
only from 7a to 8p", or "online".


[1] my "online" = email.

[2] my "by appointment only" = when you show up, that's your

[3] my "curbside" = extends 12' from the front door to the cash

I have to travel to my work (I am sole proprieter, no employees)
and check for vandelism, receive potential deliveries everyday,
and allow people to pick up stuff that they've ordered or paid
for weeks ago, and... try to earn something so that I can
atleast buy food.

I'd love to be able to just pull some product off my shelves and
just take that to the grocery store to "buy" food. But that
ain't gonna work - is it? Meanwhile, I am being taxed on my
unsold inventory because it has "value". Sheesh.

I am not aware that my creditors are "closed". It seems that the
banks and credit card companies still expect to receive their
interest fees.

No f'ing gov't is going to tell me that I have to stay home and
twiddle my thumbs.

Meanhile, it is far easier for people to physical-distance from
each other, wear the d*mn mask and slosh sanitizer at my shop
than it might be in a place that is frequented more often by
more people all the time.


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