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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Wed, 06.01.21 10:17
@aabolins I have done some advertising of these Telegram groups with
Hello Flavio!

** On Wednesday 06.01.21 - 15:20, Flavio Bessa wrote to All:

FB> @aabolins I have done some advertising of these Telegram groups with the
FB> Brazilian community, but it seems that most people went to the CHAT
FB> group. You might want to greet them

Oh man.. I am just a lowly user as they are. The idea is to
introduce themselves FIRST, I would think! ;)

But I guess it would be akin to a sysop greeting a new user.
However, some sysops like to lay low, shut up until spoken to.

I wouldn't want a user to freak out with an instant message as
soon as someone NEW pops onto the scene.

But Stas' (of tg BBS) is working on something automated that
would greet a new user. There are some cool "commands" that
Telegram users can use to control the behaviour of their posts.
The idea is to greet the new user and inform them of those
available commands.

I've noticed the increase in Joins. Very good of you to spread
the word!


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