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From: Vincent Coen (2:250/1)
To: All
Date: Sun, 03.01.21 21:58
D'Bridge on Linux
Hello Nick!

Sunday January 03 2021 14:27, you wrote to me:

> On 03 Jan 21 18:16:27, Vincent Coen said the following to Nick Andre:

VC>> Just had a look at their website it is old source 2005 ish but as
VC>> it is on source form can't you just recompile it say for FPC (free
VC>> Pascal Compiler) Delphi mode as I 'assume' that is the tool you
VC>> are playing with for Linux

> Its not that simple to recompile B-tree for Freepascal; thats sortof
> what I'm trying to do with some help. I cannot use Delphi mode.

> D'Bridge has way too much code based on B-tree and replacing it with
> something else will mean a massive rewrite which I really want to
> avoid.

Sorry may be I did not say but I looked at the sources on their website on
sourceforge at :

So I assumed they just need a compile using a different compiler to rebuild
library for linux.

Is it not the same then after a recompile ?


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