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From: Dale Shipp (1:261/1466)
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Date: Sun, 10.01.21 00:22
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PL> like... I don't think ANYONE should have been voting in
PL> person when there was a pandemic going on, in the country.
PL> It's more detrimental to MY health for you to have done
PL> so...


PL> But I bet I do agree on some things; I don;t think it was right to
PL> BLANKET send out ballots to EVERY citizen (God forbid NON-
PL> citizens!);

Did that happen anywhere? I don't know, and would like to hear if so --
and where. In my state, I had to request a mail in ballot. They were
only sent to registered voters.

PL> I think we should have done NO in-person
PL> voting, well..

There are states that agree with you. All voting is via mail in

PL> However, when you say you don't think republicans would do
PL> anything (i.e. like the dems using LEGAL strategies to
PL> better their odds of winning.Wink - thats BS. The republicans
PL> would do ANYTHING; even if it were the exact same thing the
PL> dems did this election!

The Republicans for years have done things to suppress the voting. They
know that the more people voting equates to more votes for Democratic
candidates. Both parties had done gerry manding of districts when given
the chance to do so.

Dale Shipp
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