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From: Lee Lofaso (2:221/360)
To: All
Date: Sun, 10.01.21 01:32
Peaceful Protesting
Hello Tim,

>AT>Why are the people who burned down buildings along with those who
> attacked
>AT>police officers called "peaceful protesters" by the media, but then today
>AT>the pro-Trump protesters are being called rioters?
>The difference is the protesters in the last few days were *mostly*
>conservative republicans (I emphasized the word `mostly' deliberately, as it
>is beginning to come out that a lot of those who engaged in forcing entry
> into the Capitol building were *not* really part of the peaceful
> protesters, but were members of ANTIFA).

What we had the other day was a bunch of DOMESSTIC TERRORISTS entered
the Capitol building and committed acts of violence and destruction -
incited to do so by their leader, Donald Trump. The FBI reported it
could not find any evidence of involvement by antifa. This was a coup
attempt. An insurrection. Seditious and treasonous acts.

The president will be impeached (again), with articles of impeachment
filed on Monday morning. Then a trial will be held in the Senate, and
Trump removed from office. Even after he has left office.

Then the doj will conduct an investigation and Trump will be charged
with inciting a riot (or similar charges) and then convicted and carted
off to prison for the next 20 years.

President Biden will not grant him a pardon.


Why not enjoy the go?

--- MesNews/
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