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From: Lee Lofaso (2:221/360)
To: All
Date: Sat, 09.01.21 17:21
Peaceful Protesting
Hello Dale,

>AT>Why are the people who burned down buildings along with those who
>AT>attacked police officers called "peaceful protesters" by the media,
> AT>but then today the pro-Trump protesters are being called rioters?
>Your statement is akin to "when did you stop beating your wife". The
>people who attacked police officers or burned building are not peaceful
>protesters -- they are and were called looters and rioters.

What we saw the other day were domestic terrorists doing their thing.
On orders from their dear leader, Donald J. Trump.

called it a Russian op. He was not privy to say anything more, as he
is answerable to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

All 10 living former heads of the Department of Defense agreed
not to involve the military in politics. That is why Trump tried
to do it himself. Incited a riot in order to draw the military
in, thus causing widespread mayhem.

An attempted coup d'etat is exactly what it was.

Organized, and directed by, Donald J. Trump. Of course, he was
just following orders from his boss - Vladimir Putin.

You do speak Russian. Nyet? Better start learning fast.

On the other hand, Joe Biden will save us. So no need to learn
Russian. Better to study Chinese.

>Likewise, the people who illegally stormed into the capital building and
>vandalized property were rioters. The people who marched in the street
>and who stayed in the street were protestors. Learn to get it right.

The people who "stormed into the capitol building and vandalized
property" were domestic terrorists. It was an insurrection, led by
their "commander-in-chief" Donald J. Trump.


They say `Yes, Trump'! / We say `No, Trump!'

--- MesNews/
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