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From: TIM RICHARDSON (1:123/140)
To: All
Date: Fri, 08.01.21 22:25
Incited What?
On 01-08-21, AARON THOMAS said to ALL:

AT>Since Wednesday, I've been curious about what it was that Trump said that
AT>"incited violence." I searched high and low for his speech, because
AT>liberal Google doesn't want anyone to see or hear it.

AT>So I stumbled upon Erin Burnett's clip of what she wanted us to hear the
AT>president say, and this is what he said:

AT>"You'll never take back our country with weakness, you have to be strong."

AT>And then liberal media artist Erin Burnett stops the clip righ there and
AT>says "They listened to their leader - they marched to the capitol, and
AT>they stormed it."

You have to catch what the intent with Trump is;

Trump came out of nowhere and threw his hat in the ring to run for president.

He's not (or wasn't at the time) a politician, nor an `insider', nor part of
the ruling class of politicians who have inhabited DC for decades.

He was a complete longshot who the people picked up on because he was going to
start regulating illegal immigration (laws of which have been ignored, snorted
at or scoffed for decades), greatly improve our economy, put people back to

And he accomplished great strides in those areas.

AT>Does Erin Burnett think all liberals are stupid, just because Democrats
AT>are? He didn't say anything about "storming the capitol." He didn't tell
AT>anyone to use violence. The impeachment thing is a joke, just like it's

The establishment, the deep state, the power-weilders in Washington were
amazed that he won. It knocked them off stride and they immediately began to
try to take him down.

AT>always been. Impeach what? Telling a crowd of supporters to protest at the
AT>capitol building? If I tell somebody to "go in the store and get me a pack
AT>of smokes," and they g in there and forcefully steal them, did I incite

It went on for four years. And they came up with nothing! They threw every
piece of dirt they could pick up off the street to throw at him and nothing

Their aim is pretty plain; They want to make sure that no `Donald Trump' in
the future ever gets the idea of running for president because of the dirt and
vnom they began to throw at him, continued to throw at him for four years, and
will throw at him as he goes out the door. They want to discourage anyone they
disapprove of to ever try what Donald Trump did. They will continue to hound
him even after he's out of office, throwing anything they can at him hoping
something will stick. They hounded him with one impeachment and want to throw
another one at him going out the door to make sure the whole country gets the
message; We are no longer `governed' By The People, For the People'; We are
`ruled' by the political elite who inhabit DC, and stay there for decades at a

AT>violence too? Ridiculous! Democrats might as well proceed with impeachment
AT>so they can once again prove to the world how stupid THEY are and how
AT>obsessed they are with Donald Trump!


"The party that believes I should feel guilt based on the color of my skin
wants me to "Unite" with them? I don't think so!"

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