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From: Lee Lofaso (2:221/360)
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Date: Wed, 06.01.21 18:03
Detain the Sick
Hello Flavio,

>AT>The NY State Assembly has proposed a bill that gives the governor the
>AT>power to
>AT>detain any person who poses a threat to the health and safety of others.
>AT>Already passed by the ultra-liberal NY state assembly, the bill is now
>AT>in the
>AT>posession of the NY state senate for legal approval.
>AT>In a normal state, meaning a state not run by Andrew Cuomo, this bill
>AT>have been approved by a state senate, but in NY, anything is possible.
>I don't understand much about the American Constitution, but is it allowed
> for a citizen to deliberately harm other people and go unpunished?

Yes. In Louisiana we have the castle law. We can shoot somebody
in cold blood before they enter our house and never get charged with
a crime. Isn't that cool?


There's no split in Cremo.

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