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From: Bob Seaborn (1:140/12)
To: All
Date: Sun, 12.11.17 20:07
Z1 weekly nodelist segment in Z2 nodelist
> Hello Bob!
> 12 Nov 17 14:15, you wrote to me:
>BS> All I know for sure is that when I changed domains, I tested the
> proposed
>BS> change for over a week, submitted my updates once to ZC1, and have had
> no
>BS> need to do anything since. Every one of the subsequent z1 nodelists
> have
>BS> been correct. If the same is not true in z2, then I'd suggest that you
>BS> start with whoever issues the z2 nodelist, and, if necessary, work back
>BS> from there. sorry, I make no use of the daily nodelists, so cannot say
>BS> what goes on with them, if anything. Also I use the nodelist/diff as
>BS> issued by ZC!, nobody else.
> I think the issue has been solved, at least where your nodelist entries
> are
> involved. Unfortunately the reported solution does not solve similar
> issues
> found in other region files. At least ZC1 is now aware that there are
> issues at large. Some of will keep pushing till all is sound.
>BS> But definitely don't go blaming me!
> I do not think that I blamed you for anything. I only reacted to the

Thank you.

> fact that
> personal feeling caused you to quickly point to sure causes, of what
> was
> going on.
> It would be nice if this Ping-Pong game between you and Ward would come
> to an end. It does more harm then good to Fidonet.

Considering that ward has proven to myself, and others over here that he is a
liar, and cannot be trusted, plus he loves to blame problems on me, despite the
fact that I have nothing to do with them, I honestly doubt that it will be
settled very soon, however our concerns have been noted.


--- GEcho/32 & IM 2.50
* Origin: (1:140/12)


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