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From: Bob Seaborn (1:140/12)
To: All
Date: Sun, 12.11.17 15:15
Z1 weekly nodelist segment in Z2 nodelist
> Hello Bob!
> 11 Nov 17 10:14, you wrote to me:
>>> Hello Bob!
>>> 10 Nov 17 18:48, you wrote to me:
>>>BS> Praise: ZC1 is doing her job.
>>> We are not questioning whether ZC1 is doing her job, only the
>>> procedures she
>>> uses for collating the Z1 segment of the nodelist are the issue.
>BS> That is something you should take up with ZC1, NOT me.
> Why not it is about your entry in the nodelist that flip-flops between
> correct en false notations in nodelist that are dependant on updates
> sent bij ZC1 and moreover, you have her ear.

All I know for sure is that when I changed domains, I tested the proposed
change for over a week, submitted my updates once to ZC1, and have had no need
to do anything since. Every one of the subsequent z1 nodelists have been
correct. If the same is not true in z2, then I'd suggest that you start with
whoever issues the z2 nodelist, and, if necessary, work back from there. sorry,
I make no use of the daily nodelists, so cannot say what goes on with them, if
anything. Also I use the nodelist/diff as issued by ZC!, nobody else.

But definitely don't go blaming me!


--- GEcho/32 & IM 2.50
* Origin: (1:140/12)


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