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From: Richard Menedetter (2:310/31)
To: All
Date: Sun, 12.11.17 13:30
Z1 weekly nodelist segment in Z2 nodelist
Hi Janis!

12 Nov 2017 01:07, from Janis Kracht -> Wilfred van Velzen:

JK> We were away for the weekend, but seeing the above I deleted the
JK> following segments from my processing directory:
JK> region17.311 region17.312 region17.313
JK> That should take care of the problem.

Thank you Janis for fixing it!

To put it in the words of a fellow node here, whose fault was it??
Or to put it in his words:
"I could care less what you do, especially when you start spewing brown $#!t."

I would have preferred if the whole shit spewing mails could have been omitted.
It is not good for the network.

I really do not understand why people go on such tangents, and immediately make
(false) assumptions, instead of simply waiting for you to clarify ...

CU, Ricsi

--- GoldED+/LNX
* Origin: I am Homer of Borg! Prepare to be... Oooooo! Donuts! (2:310/31)


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