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From: Kees van Eeten (2:280/5003.4)
To: All
Date: Sat, 11.11.17 12:47
Z1 weekly nodelist segment in Z2 nodelist
Hello Ward!

11 Nov 17 11:01, you wrote to Bob Seaborn:

WD> ZC1 has either more that one set of region-files to produce the zone1-file
WD> from or a flawed system. Your IBN-information in these zone1-files
WD> fluctuates from day to day, that's not my doing ... it's in the received
WD> files.

I can only speak for the Linux version of makenl-ng, but that is what
ZC1 is using as well. What may be the case, is the following.

The config file where regions are included has lines like:

Region 17 region17.* 1:17/0
Region 17 region17 1:17/0

When the first notation is used, makenl will look for segments with the
same productionday as the publishing day of the to be collated nodelist. If it
is not found, makenl will look for the file of the previous week and so
on till a file is found.

In the second notation, makenl will use the segment with the highest

The first notation is not practical for dailylist production as chances are
the there that most region segment will have a daynumber that corresponds with
a Friday.

Apparently the dailylist/zonesegment is run first on Wednesday using the
most recent region segments. The old stucture Wednesday with the Friday
production daynumber is produced from segment files with Friday daynumbers.

The same goes for The Friday nodelist/zonesegment. On friday only one
nodelist/zonesegment is produced from Friday daynumber region segments.

As you use Zone segments in the order they are received, and due to the
differend in publishing time, Zone2 Thursday and Saturday nodelists
produced by you will be based on Zone1 region segment with most recent Friday

The above is from my understanding of how makenl-ng works.

If nothing changes, it would be wise to ignore Z1 zonesegments with a
Friday daynumber as distributed on Wednesday and Friday.


--- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
* Origin: As for me, all I know is that, I know nothing. (2:280/5003.4)


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