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From: Oli (2:280/464.47)
To: All
Date: Sat, 02.01.21 12:03
come and gone
Maurice wrote (2021-01-01):

MK> -={ This "01 Jan 21 14:01:53" or that "2021-01-01 22:01:53" }=-

MK> Hey All!

MK> Let us throw another log on the fire, sort of speak. As far as I am
MK> aware the proposal that replaces This with that still stands. I thought
MK> it would be a nice addition to the discussion, or lack of it, if the two
MK> formats were shown side by side.

You are trying to solve a problem for a time in the future when Fidonet is most
likely dead. I think there are bigger issues to solve first, but you know "Many
Sysops prefer running software that is either abandonware or cannot be updated
any further."

So let's create a new packet/message format for the next 40 years ;).

* Origin: (2:280/464.47)


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