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Date: Fri, 01.01.21 13:16
Fidonet Reference Library(FSC's)
Re: Fidonet Reference Library(FSC's)
By: Martin Foster to Michiel van der Vlist on Thu Dec 31 2020 11:41 am

> Hello Michiel!
> *** Wednesday 30.12.20 at 15:03, Michiel van der Vlist wrote to Martin Foste
> MF>> Under the first heading of "Fidonet Reference Library" on, I
> MF>> see numerous FSC's listed. I would be obliged if someone could tell
> MF>> me if these documents are standards, proposals or what, thanks.
> MvdV> They are proposals that for one reason or another did not make it int
> MvdV> a standard.
> MvdV> So: rejected proposals.
> Thank you very much for clarifying that.
> I have questions Smile
> [1]Is there any record anywhere of the reason(s) why these proposals
> were rejected?
> [2]Is a software developer permitted to implement any of these
> rejected proposals in his/her software?
> [3]Am I correct in assuming that the FSP's are proposals awaiting
> either acceptance or rejection by the FTSC?
> Regards,
> Martin

3 is correct. Many of them are NEVER picked up so never become a standard.
2 is also correct. Any developer can chose to run with them but they may find
if not compatible with others (and is something that has to be), then it
doesn't work.
1 is a 'no'. There is no tracking on just why something someone proposed,
never made standard.

The FTSC doesn't 'reject proposals'. They vote on existing ones that are in
use by enough to be a standard.

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