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To: All
Date: Wed, 30.12.20 19:15
-=> Lee Lofaso wrote to TIM RICHARDSON <=-

LL> Hello Tim,

TR> How about these last few days, folks!

LL> Too many guns. Too many sickos having guns, and shooting
LL> them at other people.

TR> A democrat `Bernie Sanders supporter-Rachael Maddow fan' goes off on
TR> republicans practicing for a baseball game and starts shooting! Shades of
TR> Black-lives-matter!

LL> Bernie Sanders condemned the shooting, and said he never
LL> met the man. Other politicians also condemned the shooting,
LL> for obvious reasons.

TR> Fortunately so far the only one killed was the shooter!

LL> There was nothing fortunate about the shooting. It is something
LL> that never should have happened in the first place. Had real
LL> measures been enacted to make it impossible for such an idiot to
LL> get hold of a gun then nobody would have gotten shot. And even
LL> the shooter would still be alive, although probably in some
LL> loony bin where he would best be forgotten.

TR> Now all the democrat hypocrites will run to the nearest open mic and
TR> denounce the Second Amendment rights.

LL> It is not about Democrats or Republicans or Second Amendment rights.
LL> It is about violence in America and what to do about it.

Are guns used to protect people, property, land?

Are guns shooting people, property, or land, or is it people with guns?

Before guns were used, were swords, knives, arrows, and spears, protecting
people, property, and land?

I'm not sure violence is caused by guns, or any other tools/weapons I mentioned

Violence is a terrible thing, but there is no stopping violence, the world of
animals is based in what we define as voilence. It will be that way for the
foreseable future of anmials.

LL> --Lee

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LL> Your Hole Is Our Goal

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