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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Sat, 26.12.20 15:44
did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas?

So.. did everyone get what they wanted under the Christmas tree this

I think this year is the first time I haven't received a call from
anyone on Christmas day. But, I don't seem to mind it. I have to
deal with a lof of people face-to-face and on the phone during the
week at the shop. I switch on the "be social" button and the smiles
when I am there, and prefer the "do not disturb" option when I get

The phone seemed to have a problem NOT being to receive calls. Not
sure how long that problem pre-existed! A caller might hear one
ring, but then there would be one loud click, and then nothing. That
was happening on both of the land lines. I could test this by
calling those lines with my cell phone. I could make an outgoing
call on the land lines if I wanted to, but both lines had a lot of
scratchy noises and hum. Today, one line has cleared up and is
working again. But the other line is still broken.

I received plenty of homemade cookies, some preserves, jam, roasted
tamari almonds, chocolate, some famous Latvian candies, and a bottle
of wine.

I finished off the cookies yesterday. The roasted tamari almonds
were long gone (they were the best!Wink

Considering that I have eliminated sugar from my regular eating
plans for several years (and I threw out over 20 lbs of sugar -
bagged and cubed - over 5 years ago), the cookies and candies spun
me out of control.


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