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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
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Date: Sat, 26.12.20 14:20
Nodelist Thoughts?
Re: Nodelist Thoughts?
By: Oli to Ward Dossche on Thu Nov 19 2020 02:39 pm

> Ward wrote (2020-11-02):
> WD>>> This is what's in the nodelist now...
> O>> .... and it is misleading. This is what FTS-5001 defines:
> WD> The fact is the critical mass of Fidonet has crashed a long time ago,
> WD> there is no current technology which is going to signify a sudden
> WD> rebounding of the network ... it's a polite way of saying that most suc
> WD> discussions are at the level of comparing penises.
> it's not about penises, it's about the incompetence of the guys who are
> responsible for compiling the NODELIST to put accurate information in the
> NODELIST and not something that differs from the FTS document about nodelist
> flags.

Oli, a lot of times thats the node changing and not letting the NC know.

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