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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
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Date: Sun, 20.12.20 09:08
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Hello Ed!

** On Saturday 19.12.20 - 21:54, Ed Vance wrote to August Abolins:

EV> I can't recommend BBS's to anyone still going to Public
EV> Schools because some people write foul words in their
EV> messages.

I haven't come across that very much. However, places in
newsgoups and even 8chan and 4chan were rife with it.

From a technical standpoint, I liked the way 8chan operated.
It looked easy to set up your own "board" and manage users.

I just read that 8chan rebranded as 8kun, but it looks like
the whole operation is nolonger found.

EV> There is a lot of very good information in BBS Echo
EV> Conferences. I save many messages to refer to later. I
EV> edit some messages after I saved them, to make them G
EV> Rated.

Reediting them is a lot of work!

EV> If I ran a BBS it would lose most of the Users because I
EV> would check messages written by my Users and Edit out any
EV> foul words before they left my BBS.

It would be easier just to twit them out. By censoring the
messages you are still rather enabling the problem from your


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