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Date: Sat, 19.12.20 22:54
Back to the BBS - The ret
12-19-20 18:58 August Abolins wrote to All about Back to the BBS - The ret
Howdy! August,

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AA> Back to the BBS - The return to being online (Part One)
AA> 10 waiting - Premieres Dec 20, 2020

AA> Preamble :: Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's) were what people went online
AA> with before the web. This multi-part documentary shows you what BBS's
AA> do, why they are still relevant and fun to use today. The documentary
AA> interviews some users and system operators, both young and old. Crazy
AA> as it may sound, BBS's are actually still around today and can be
AA> accessed via the net. What you might not know, is that BBS's are really
AA> fun, they're relevant: they hold information and provide mail systems
AA> that are away from the prying eyes of Facebook and Google. They're a
AA> very sociable place to be, with messaging and chat. They have art
AA> unlike any you've ever seen and they have some really cool games and
AA> mods.

AA> [Read more at the link]

I like being able to use a BBS to learn how these Computers do what they do
and how to use them to get things done that interest Me.

Also read messages about other things I'm interested in, such as Ham Radio,

I can't recommend BBS's to anyone still going to Public Schools because some
people write foul words in their messages.

There is a lot of very good information in BBS Echo Conferences.
I save many messages to refer to later.
I edit some messages after I saved them, to make them G Rated.

If I ran a BBS it would lose most of the Users because I would check messages
written by my Users and Edit out any foul words before they left my BBS.

73 de Ed W9ODR . .

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