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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Sat, 19.12.20 22:22
Free ebooks, free time, freedom in general
Hello Charles!

** On Monday 14.12.20 - 13:56, Charles Pierson wrote to All:

CP> An author I like has some boojs as part of a couple of bubdles that are
CP> currently free.


I fired up my Kobo app, downloaded the collection.. and then
realized that I have misplaced my Kobo device. Sad Usually
these missing things show up when I am *not* looking for them.
But I was looking forward to settle down, relax in my "reading
spot" at home and give a few chapters a try. Now, I have to
opt for something else. Maybe I'll go to be early. :/

At least it is a comfortable 18.5C deg inside (at least my
nose doesn't get cold) and only -2C outside and no wind.
Yesterday is was -20C for part of the night. When that
happens, I can only seem to get no more than 15C inside.

The mad last minute rush to place Special Orders at the shop
is over. Next week comes the time to unpack those arrivals.

It is crazy that most people need things for the 25th. Why not
extend the Christmas into a WEEK and take off the pressure?
Or.. give your loved ones and friends gifts THROUGHOUT the
year, or spontaneously for no apparent reason and not to meet
a perceived obligatory calendar date every year?


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