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From: mark lewis (1:3634/12)
To: All
Date: Mon, 12.12.11 18:32
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BF> Well, you Z1ers are probably not interested, with your 26
BF> character limitation, but the rest of the world would benefit from
BF> a pkt3 version based on 16-bit rather than the present 8-bit.

have you not looked at the various pkt10 proposals? i remember one that was
very similar to current textual formats used for email and news...

BF> The present kludge based character conversion is not working
BF> properly. Having a new pkt-standard based on 16-bit would make away
BF> with all CHAR-kludge ideas. Plus pkt3 could move a lot of the now
BF> common kludges into the pkt-header. After all, all our kludges are
BF> just a way to overcome the limitations of present standards.

you are not talking about a pkt standard, here... the pkt is only for the
transfer of the messages... the pkt doesn't care about the messages'

BF> We might even find a way to put pictures into our messages --
BF> but I guess that's a wee bit too far into the future...

this has already been proposed some 15-20+ years ago... i distinctly remember
reading the various proposals when they were posted to NET_DEV ;)


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