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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
To: All
Date: Mon, 12.12.11 13:10
FTSC election, call for votes
11 Dec 11 19:54, Ward Dossche wrote to Roy Witt:

RW>> LOL! There are only 6 paragraphs in section 4.3! Perhaps you have a
RW>> different P4 than everyone else?

WD> You, refering to P4 for any matter that might involve yourself is a
WD> joke too big to describe its dimensions.

In order for "you" to understand P4, you would first have to know what the
document says (it's in English) and be able to apply it per section.

You're more guilty than I of not knowing what it says and are the biggest
joke to come along and pretend that you know.

Where you take words and sentences out of context to mean something it
doesn't say, I can apply a section much better than you were ever capable
of doing.

The real joke is in your hand, Ward.


,,,By the time you find greener pastures, you can't climb the fence!

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