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From: Maurice Kinal (1:153/7001)
To: All
Date: Thu, 03.12.20 22:49
i've been duped ... or was i?
Hey Kai!

KR> Maybe i didn't noticed the background of your question.

It was not a question on my part so you didn't really miss anything. However
your answer has been most informative. Thank you.

For my part I am attempting to make 1:153/7001 a potential wireless access
point for offline readers and am going to keep everything to a bare minimum.
So far it looks like only the MSGID is required to successfully transverse the
whole of fidonet. Thus a point-like setup between 1:153/7001 and any user on
the wireless should have the user's app generate it's own MSGID that will
ensure uniqueness no matter if another user on the wireless generates the EXACT
same serialno since the origaddr will ensure uniqueness due to the point part
of the origaddr. This isn't that far off from a numbered userbase on a BBS
where by default the sysop is listed as number 1. Thus whether universal or
AREA based any half-assed dupechecker should have no issues with the output.

For the record I am using the "^AMSGID: origaddr serialno" format as specified
in fts-0009.001.

Life is good,

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