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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
To: All
Date: Fri, 20.11.20 18:52
Graphic Novel
Hello Kurt!

** On Thursday 19.11.20 - 17:00, Kurt Weiske wrote to August Abolins:

AA>> one at Bookmanager. (I'll avoid the link, because that would
AA>> break "Fidonet being Fidonet".Wink

KW> If this is a dig at my earlier comments, you misunderstood - or
KW> you're blowing it out of proportion to make a point.

It *is* a reference to your earlier comment. But this medium
does not communicate the smile on my face that I had when I
wrote it. I could have probably included a link to a picture
of me, but that wouldn't be fidonet. ;)

KW> A post where you're directed to a link for the content, or a posting
KW> that consists entirely of a link with no subject and no context is
KW> something completely different.

I totally agree. Infact, several earlier messages of mine
(maybe they were in another echo that I think you also read)
share the same concern.

But the TgM/Fido link is still rather new on the english-
speaking group of echos carried in Z1. There is a learning
curve from the TgM app for a user on usage - especially when
providing an image or a file with a message at the same time.
The android app on my Blackberry likes to attach an image
*before * it allows a caption. (The caption is treated as the
message body by Stas' bot and does a pretty good job of doing
it.Wink But if I forget to type a caption and habitually press
Send, then poof it's sent and I can nolonger undo that.

The desktop app however allows adding an image either before
or after starting a message. That makes it easier to insure
that some context can be provided with the pic.

Alternatively, the TgM desktop user can use the "--subj:
###--<cr>" command on the first line of the message and upto
40 chars could accompany the message to provide some
description or comment about the subsequent link.

As more and more people start to post from TgM, perhaps a
netiquette can be voiced to help avoid *just* posting links.


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