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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.58)
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Date: Wed, 18.11.20 22:42
Graphic Novel
Hello Charles!

** On Wednesday 18.11.20 - 19:36, Charles Pierson wrote to August Abolins:

CP> Then they either learn better pricing, or hold too much inventory.

Charles.. the price is "fixed" by the publisher. Stores, like
mine, pay for stock according to THAT price. When Amazon or
Indigo sell at 40% or more off, they are not earning anything.
I have seen Amazon/Indigo invoices sent to me in error. I
know what "deals" they may be getting.

CP>>> Convenient isn't 4 letters. ;)

CP> I was joking of course. I PREFER local shops when available, but you've
CP> seen yourself an idea of especially with bookshops, that is near me.

Local book shops are not ubquitous in every town. They are
often more successful in larger communities. But many of those
shops have simply given up - and far too early IMHO - when the
the ereader was introduced around year 2006.

I use online shoping when it is best too.

I have explored building an online ordering/shopping system
for my shop. The only tool that makes the most sense is the
one at Bookmanager. (I'll avoid the link, because that would
break "Fidonet being Fidonet".Wink

If/when you find it, explore the pricing. To gain the web
storefront requires mandatory modules. The total startup cost
is substantial - for me. There are yearly fees to keep the
system going.

Explain to me how could I sell at below cost (to compete with
the 4-letter companies) and maintain the fees for an online
ordering system.

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