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From: Al (1:153/757.2)
To: All
Date: Wed, 18.11.20 13:04
By: Kurt Weiske to Al on Tue Nov 17 2020 07:17 am

KW> I just fired up my Windows DOOM engine - think I'm running ZDOOM, and
KW> played Level 1 of the original DOOM, Hurt Me Plenty, no cheat codes.
KW> It was a nice time, I realized that I've forgotten most of the secret
KW> areas. I'll need to go back and play through again.

I always used zdoom on windows, when I had windows.

I still have zdoom around here and I need it at times when prboom can't run a
map for some reason.

KW> I've also forgotten how to strafe.

I don't know if it's possible to strafe. It might be, there are so many options
I may have walked passed it.

My doom setup is still very original DOS like. My doom guy can't look up and
down (although I could set it up so I could) because that's not doom!

Ttyl Smile,

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