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From: Kurt Weiske (1:218/700)
To: All
Date: Wed, 18.11.20 08:47
FreeRoam Doom add-on
(I just started playing DOOM 1 for the millionth time, looking forward
to trying this mod out...Wink

"FreeRoam" Doom 1 & 2 Mod Makes Game Open-World
A modder has changed up the first two Doom games in a big way,
connecting their levels to create large open-world maps for players to

Few games have been remixed by fans as much as the original Doom.

through unconventional means like pregnancy tests and inside other
video games, plenty of modders have taken a different approach and
focused on applying more modern game design ideas to the 1993 shooter.
Case in point, the latest of these mods has turned Doom and its sequel
into open-world games.

This reimagining comes courtesy of a modder known as ddadd, who
released a Freeroam pack for Doom 2 this week after releasing
one for Doom 1 back in September. Like the name suggests, these mods
remove the linear structuring of the Doom games levels as well as
the menus that separate them in the official versions, giving longtime
fans a brand new way to explore these classic demon-infested locales.

Both feature plenty of new terrain linking all of the original
locations together and secret pathways to discover, though ddadd notes
that the open world is better in the Doom 2 pack than in Doom 1, with
hills, lakes, and other bits of varied terrain. What's more,
in addition to new ways to enter levels, the Freeroam packs provide a
few other new features, including merchants that players can trade
with for items and weapons and new bosses to fight.

... Where is the center of the maze?
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From: Dennis Katsonis (1:124/5016)
To: All
Date: Sun, 22.11.20 11:55
Re: FreeRoam Doom add-on
-=> Richard Miles wrote to Kurt Weiske <=-

RM> On 18 Nov 2020, Kurt Weiske said the following...

KW> "FreeRoam" Doom 1 & 2 Mod Makes Game Open-World
KW> A modder has changed up the first two Doom games in a big way,
KW> connecting their levels to create large open-world maps for players to
KW> explore.

RM> That came across my news feed this morning. Looks interesting. If I get
RM> any time off in the near future I may check it out.

Downloading it now to have a look. Never heard of it, but seems quite

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