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From: Jeff Smith (1:14/0)
To: All
Date: Sat, 09.12.06 17:45
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Roy.

07 Dec 06 10:21, you wrote to me:

RW> 06 Dec 06 12:00, Jeff Smith wrote to Ward Dossche:

JS>> After your announcement of the crash. I was amazed at how
JS>> soon a number of people wanted to restructure echo distributions,
JS>> setup temporary Z2 nodelist processing and even setup a temporay
JS>> Z2C.

RW> Too bad they didn't succeed before he got it fixed.

Would not the chaos that resulted have been worse?

JS>> If it had been possible I was temped to speak up and say come on
JS>> people... give the guy a chance.

RW> Why? He wouldn't do the same for you.

Oh... I think he would. Regardless of whether I like someone's
atitude or POV. If they are real need I can set aside my personal
POV and offer a helping hand. I would like to think that Ward would
do the same.

JS>> I also agreed with Michiel in that making sudden and drastic
JS>> changes in a knee jerk reaction to something that can and will be
JS>> worked out in a matter of days

RW> You should have seen how quickly Michiel jumped into the HAM echo and
RW> attempted to take it over as moderator when my system went down and I
RW> had no means to get it back online until the utility company put the
RW> power lines back up after a California brush fire near my home.
RW> Fortunately, there were people here who knew who the echo moderator
RW> was and didn't allow him to move right in and make himself at home.

There are a number of things and POV's that I dislike about Michiel.
But that doesn't mean that I am unwilling to say that I agree with him
when I think he is right.

JS>> was not the best way to deal with the situation. It would have
JS>> been real easy to have made the situation much worse. That is of
JS>> course just MHO.

RW> Yes, a naive one for sure.

RW> R\%/itt

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