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From: Richard Miles (2:460/58)
To: All
Date: Mon, 16.11.20 01:17
That part I did remember. I just like the subjects to look all nice
AA> Otherwise.. the bot will simply take the first 40chars of the first line
of a message and use that as the Subj to fido. So, even though you got the
--Subj: -- command wrong, it took "?SUBJ:? Telegram bots" as part of the new
subject because that is what you placed within the first 40chars of your
message anyway.

That part I did remember. I just like the subjects to look all nice and near
when I am on my board.

--- tg BBS v0.6.2
* Origin: Fido by Telegram BBS by Stas Mishchenkov (2:460/58)


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