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From: August Abolins (2:460/58)
To: All
Date: Mon, 16.11.20 01:00
Re.. the SUBJ, you did that incorrectly. Telegram seems to want to
RM> ?SUBJ:? Telegram bots
RM> Forgot to hit the reply button on my last message. By the way, did I do
the subject correctly above? Should show up as "Telegram bots".
RM> Currently only thing in there are one way messages from my BBS (one way)
as people log on and off. Same kind of junk that is in my BBS twitter feed. I
do have the link posted on my board should anyone want to join.
RM> Only user currently in the chat (aside from bots) are myself. Eventually I
would like to tie my BBS general chat "echo" (which is currently just a local
base) into the TG as well.

Re.. the SUBJ, you did that incorrectly. Telegram seems to want to change two
dashes side by side into an ellipse. To produce two separate dashes, type two
of them and then hit the backspace key. And the closing two dashes have to be
AFTER the last char of the subj string, like so:

Body of message starts on a new line.


--- tg BBS v0.6.2
* Origin: Fido by Telegram BBS by Stas Mishchenkov (2:460/58)


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