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From: Paul Quinn (3:640/1384)
To: n/a
Date: Mon, 13.01.20 21:25
Hi! Robin,

On 13 Jan 20 05:40, you wrote to Holger Granholm:

RH> Yes, BinkD is the only option today because Telnet and port 23 are
RH> useless today Sad

RH> I have time, but again I do not have programming skills and I cannot
RH> set many things myself. Previously, my colleague helped me with
RH> everything he could, but he doesn't deal with it anymore and I don't
RH> know English and I can't do anything without Google Sad

(I don't always read messages here, Robin.Wink I have to say that your written
English is a lot better than some so-called 'native' English-speaking folks'
efforts. Don't hold back.

Holger's posts get a 'wow!' from me every time, even if don't include them in
my notes. Smile


... Docs? Why would I want to look at the Docs. Nurses are better!
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