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From: Robin Hajek (2:420/33)
To: n/a
Date: Mon, 13.01.20 06:40
Hi, Holger!

RH>> I restored MultiLine Sio2K/2 and FrontDoor/2 and GEcho/2 and
RH>> PCBoard/2 and GoldED/2 after ten years and I had a lot of work
RH>> with the IP connection.

HG> I don't understand why you are using all those external programs when
HG> almost everything is built-in into PCBoard.

The reason is simple. I only started with FidoNet and FrontDor and the
necessary external programs. Only a year or two later I bought a PCBoard and
used FrontDoor as a boot for PCBoard.

HG>> If I remember it correctly there is software in the SIO package
HG>> that I used to connect to internet but I don't remember if I used
HG>> the connection for anything else than just mail.

HG> In addition to the above I have checked my registered SIO v1.35
HG> program and it contains the VMODEM program that I use with PCBoard to
HG> connect to the Internet.

Yes, I also have a registered SIO program but I use v.1.6D and VMODEM to
connect FrontDoor to the Internet.

More specifically, I should have. Today I use SIO2K v2.02 and eCS 2.2, not OS/2

HG> Nothing else was required for that.

HG> Then again, I do use some PPE utilities that make it easier to use
HG> PCBoard itself and for reading/replying to QWK messages the MR/2
HG> program for OS/2 but you can use MultiMail instead which is free and
HG> available for many operating systems.

I understand, but I've never used PCBard alone and for FidoNet. It has always
been just a bulletin board, so I have no experience connecting PCBoard to the
Internet independently without FrontDoor Sad

HG> At the moment I'm investigating BinkP to connect to the Internet but I
HG> have other things to do that are more important at the moment.

Yes, BinkD is the only option today because Telnet and port 23 are useless
today Sad

I have time, but again I do not have programming skills and I cannot set many
things myself. Previously, my colleague helped me with everything he could, but
he doesn't deal with it anymore and I don't know English and I can't do
anything without Google Sad


--- GEcho 1.20/KLF Team
* Origin: POPPER Univerzal BBS (FidoNet), Praha, BOHEMIA & MORAVIA (2:420/33)


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