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From: Ruben Figueroa (1:124/5014)
To: n/a
Date: Thu, 26.09.19 23:38
Up until recently pcboard /import was working great, then one day I noticed
that nothing was being imported. I ran it manually and found it just got
stuck. I removed all files that were in the inbound folder and ran it again
and it got stuck again. I noticed under taskmanager that ntvdm was in
memory, as soon as I end process pcboard /import quit. I couldn't until that
time get rid of the stuck process.

I also another of my 16 bit games quit working and all had problem with NTVDM
errors appearing and so I had to use task manager to terminate the process.

All was working until windows was updated to 1903.

Anyone else run into these same issues and if so have you found a resolution
because I have tried, but nothing so far.

Ruben Figueroa aka Zazz
Mystic Prison Board Sysop

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