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From: Alan Ianson (1:153/757)
To: All
Date: Sat, 07.11.20 17:56
Hello TIM,

TR> I engaged in an argument of this sort many years ago in here against a
TR> few of the `leftie' women who inhabited Fido at the time.

Yep, I'll bet you did!

TR> Actually, a woman who gets pregnant has already MADE her choice!

She may have chosen to get pregnant, or maybe she just had some sex.

TR> 1. She chose not to take proper precautions to keep herself from
TR> getting pregnant. (And isn't all the GUY'S responsibility.
TR> The woman is also one of the one's who made the decision to engage in
TR> activity that could end in a pregnancy)

Some times (a man or a woman) has sex, simply to have sex. Because it feels

TR> 2. She chose not to make her male companion take proper precautions
TR> prior to sex.

Precausions are not always available when the heat is on.

TR> 3. She is at least `half' responsible to do what's necessary to
TR> prevent getting pregnant.

Indeed, it would be best to prevent pregnacy if it's not wanted.

TR> 4. Women who allow their emotions (heat of the moment) to over-ride
TR> ordinary precautions or `common sense', and wind up pregnant should
TR> not be allowed to take the life of an unborn child, just because she
TR> doesn't have the emotional strength to control her physical passion
TR> long enough to take precautions, or insist her sex partner do so.

Humans (men and women) are sexual animals. They have a lot of sex in their
lifetimes and there is no good reason I can think of to control their passion.
I think it is OK for men and women to express their passion as long as they
aren't hurting anyone.

TR> After failing to control herself or at least take proper precautions,
TR> and winding up pregnant, the woman has already `made' her decision.

You may be right. Maybe the woman wanted to get pregnant so great. If not then
she can make her own decision. She doesn't need your approval.

TR> Not being intelligent enough to take proper steps to keep herself from
TR> getting pregnant, what makes anyone think she has the intelligence to
TR> make a decision like ending the life of a human fetus?

She should make that decision herself, for herself in her situation.

Ttyl Smile,

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