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From: TIM RICHARDSON (1:123/140)
To: All
Date: Sat, 07.11.20 14:38
On 11-01-20, ALAN IANSON said to ZAZZ:

AI>On 01 Nov 2020, Zazz said the following...

Za> Her right to decide to have a baby or not terminatd when she had
Za> unprotected sex.

AI>I don't think so. A woman has the right to decide her own fate.

The pro-abortion crowd always fall back on the same tired arguments to
`justify' committing murder in the womb;

AI>This is not about unprotected sex. We may be talking about a child who was
AI>raped by her father, brother, uncle or family friend or someone else.

`Rape' is a very common one they bring up.

AI>This is a good option for a healthy baby. What if the pregnancy is
AI>dangerous for the mother or child?

There are two more

AI>If the pregnancy was unwanted or unexpected a decision will
AI>need to be made.

I recently saw a report that over 63 million babies have been aborted since
the 1973 Roe v Wade decision.

The Nazis were responsible for about 30 million deaths in WWII.

That the deomcrats and other abortion supporters fail to see the parallel
between those done to death by the Nazis and those done to death by American
abortion mills, is grim irony at its worst. Especially since democrats are
quick to throw the `Nazi' accusation out there at the least provocation.


"Kamala Harris is just Moica Lewinski with more ambition!"

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