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From: TIM RICHARDSON (1:123/140)
To: All
Date: Sat, 07.11.20 17:06

AI>On 31 Oct 2020, Bryan Handfield said the following...

BH> What about the rights of the unborn as a human being?

AI>I think there are rights all around including the woman who needs to make
AI>the decision to abort a pregnancy are not.

I engaged in an argument of this sort many years ago in here against a few of
the `leftie' women who inhabited Fido at the time.

Your sort usually speak of `the woman's right to choose'.

Actually, a woman who gets pregnant has already MADE her choice!

1. She chose not to take proper precautions to keep herself from getting
pregnant. (And isn't all the GUY'S responsibility. The woman is also
one of the one's who made the decision to engage in activity that could end
in a pregnancy)

2. She chose not to make her male companion take proper precautions prior to

3. She is at least `half' responsible to do what's necessary to prevent
getting pregnant.

4. Women who allow their emotions (heat of the moment) to over-ride ordinary
precautions or `common sense', and wind up pregnant should not be allowed to
take the life of an unborn child, just because she doesn't have the emotional
strength to control her physical passion long enough to take precautions, or
insist her sex partner do so.

After failing to control herself or at least take proper precautions, and
winding up pregnant, the woman has already `made' her decision.

Not being intelligent enough to take proper steps to keep herself from getting
pregnant, what makes anyone think she has the intelligence to make a decision
like ending the life of a human fetus?


"Think about it; Biden and Harris say if Trump is re-elected there will be
more violence. Conversely, the violence will end if Biden and Harris are
elected. That means the democrats are controling the violence!"

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