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From: Roy Witt (1:397/22)
To: All
Date: Wed, 20.06.07 09:58
19 Jun 07 08:24, Ward Dossche wrote to Roy Witt:

RW>> That was the point of my experiment. BTW, if you looked it over,
RW>> there is not much difference in the liquid temps after 30 minutes in
RW>> the freezer. Neither glass nor aluminum can made a difference in
RW>> liquid temp. Also, since aluminum conducts more readily than glass,
RW>> the can warmed up faster than the glass after removal from the
RW>> freezer.

WD> Are you certain about the Aluminium?

Yes. We have aluminum recycling here and they take all of the beer and
soda cans. I haven't seen a steel (tin) beer or soda can in decades.

WD> Overhere e.g. drink cans are made of steel since the aluminium is
WD> much too expensive. Still people tend to call then "aluminum"-cans
WD> although there is no aluminium in it.

WD> The experiment would still be the same though.

I would think so.


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