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From: Roy Witt (1:397/22)
To: All
Date: Fri, 15.06.07 14:19

RW>> Well, here's what I did: I took some cola (beer and liquor may be
RW>> next) and seperated it into a shot glass and left some in the
RW>> aluminum can. I put both of them into the freezer at the same time
RW>> and removed them 1/2 hour later.

RW>> Alum can - 42 degrees F

BF> -41C

RW>> Glass - 54 degrees F

BF> -47C

RW>> Cola in glass - 34 degrees F

BF> -36.66C

RW>> Cola in can - 33 degrees F

BF> -36.11C

BF> Why do you have that low temp in your freezer?

I don't. The - is only there to seperate the numbers from the words, if
the freezer was at a negative number, the - would be next to it; -33
degrees F as compared to - 33 degrees F.

BF> About -4F (-20C) is enough.

I would assume that the temp of the beer/liquor would eventually reach
that, but not after 30 minutes. As it was, the cola was at a refrigerated
temp to begin with and probably had around 10 to 15 degrees to go before

BF> Can this have something to do with that we didn't get the same
BF> result? To compare our result we should use the same liquid and
BF> have the same temp in our freezers.

I wanted to eliminate the alcohol from the experiment and use an identical
liquid to find out if there was an affect imparted to the liquid by the
glass and/or aluminum can. There wasn't. So now we know that it's the
alcohol that is affecting the temp difference between the beer and liquor.

RW>> After 5 minutes out of the freezer, the glass has stayed within a
RW>> few degrees of when it came out at 56 degrees F, however, the
RW>> aluminum can has warmed up considerably in that time to 64 degrees.
RW>> Both were in a 80 degree F room.

BF> At least this proves that after taking out a can of beer it should be
BF> poured into a glass in order to stay cool longer.

Yeup. The can will absorb heat faster than the glass will. BTW, make that
a frosted glass, the beer tastes much better than when it's in just a room
temp glass. SurprisedWink

RW>>>> Beer would have far less alcohol than liquor.

RW>>>> 100 proof liquor would be 50% alcohol, while eurapeon beer is
RW>>>> probably around 6% alcohol.

BF>>> 80 proof (40%) compared to 5.8%.

RW>> Since the rest is mostely water, we can assume that to be the
RW>> difference 'felt' in temp...

BF> Maybe.



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