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From: Kees van Eeten (2:280/5003.4)
To: All
Date: Fri, 04.01.13 12:13
Hello Andrew!

03 Jan 13 21:24, you wrote to Ward Dossche:

WD>> How difficult/desirable would it be for makenl to add a comment-entry
WD>> either all the way at the begining or at the end indicating the
WD>> version-number/compile-date of the makenl which was used to create a
WD>> particular nodelist?

AL> It should not be terribly difficult to add this, if we get sufficient
AL> requests for it.

As there is only one line that is not in the chechsum, and that line is
fully used, it would be impossible to create an identical file on a
different system. It may sound as a bonus, but not when you are testing
a new release.

If you decide to exclude more lines from the checksum, all nodediff
procressors and whatever check are used downstream will have to be

Just my two cents.


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